More Lovely Knitted Lace, Brooke Nico

More Lovely Knitted Lace, Brooke Nico

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Dieses Buch ist in Englisch.

«More Lovely Knitted Lace» contains 4 basic shapes and 16 stunning projects. These are are organized into four categories according to overall shape-circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. Techniques are explained using step-by-step illustrations and all patterns contain both written and charted instructions. Brooke Nico, author of «Lovely Knitted Lace» and a lace teacher and designer, presents projects that offer a fresh and original take on lace knitting. Think sweaters, capelets, tunics and cowls, knit in yarns both thick and thin – contemporary designs that give knitters a wealth of new possibilities.

2016, 128 pages, Softcover, Lark Books U.S.

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